Gaiatecture was founded in 2012 by Ullyses Gordon. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Ullyses first learned about Earthships while living in Cape Town, South Africa. He briefly met a Scottish Farmer, Alistair, who was super gung-ho for the alien looking homes. The image of the Nautilus Design (the first Earthship he saw when he googled “earthships”) never left his mind. Ullyses left Africa, bound for India to explore Eastern thinking and culture; While living as a monk, studying Buddhism, the simplicity of the life helped him realize the common sense of Earthships and their potential. He returned to America, and slowly began the Earthship process.

Ullyses, Lisa, and Tony

Ullyses, Lisa, and Tony

When Ullyses met up with Lisa & Tony, they all realized they share similar goals and dreams and decided to join forces. They plotted and planned and researched until it was clear what to do next… Earthship School!

In Spring of 2013, Ullyses and Tony attended the Earthship Academy in Taos, NM. They learned, and built, and drank the local beer until they graduated. They met with Mike Reynolds and hatched a plan for their first project… Arizona; and what would become the flagship site for Gaiatecture, has also become an experiment in community building.