In a remote part of the high desert of Arizona, a small community of Earthships is underway. Gaiatecture is proud to be developing this unique property. 150+ acres of desert are being used to house several Earthships, along with a community greenhouse.
With the help of eager Earthshippers from all over the world, this remote property is being host to several “building clinics” to teach people the principles of, and how to build Earthships.
Coming 2015
Located within the same canyon is our sister property. This ranch feature a 3 bedroom 2 bath home with garden tub, beautiful kitchen, and all the amenities you would expect from a nice vacation home, with one added feature… its totally off-grid.
Experience horseback rides to see ancient Anazasi petroglyphs, hunt for arrow heads and pottery pieces, or just to have a nice lunch in one of innumerable scenic locations. Play with alpacas. Yes! We are an alpaca ranch. These lovely creature will capture your heart with their quiet docile nature and super soft  fleece.
This ranch is located minutes from Gaiatecture headquarters, where you can learn about, visit, or help work on Earthships.